Supporting earthquake relief & update from Project Einstein Haiti

In the wake of yesterday evening’s devastating, 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, we join the many other groups expressing concern for the people of Haiti.

While communication with the island remains limited, colleagues around the world are working hard to use technology to support the efforts on the ground. Check out: - Ushahidi’s deployment, currently being localized into Kreyol and French. If you have updates from the ground, we encourage you to add them to the map. - This roundup of efforts from MobileActive - The CrisisCommons Wiki - documentation of efforts on the ground ** **

Update from our colleagues in Haiti


Last night, we received that our colleagues from Fletcher are safe, however we have not received an update since. News reports make it clear that many buildings are unstable, and electricity and cell phone networks are only working intermittently.

Over the weekend, our colleagues Chrissy Martin and Joshua Haynes launched Project Einstein: Haiti, a joint project of Digital Democracy and Fletcher’s Center for Emerging Market Enterprises (CEME)). (See the introductory blog post, and the photoset.) On Saturday and Sunday, they worked with a group of young people between the ages of 18-24, conducting a photo training as well as shooting a few live videos using the Nokia N97. Following the weekend training, they reported having creative and lively discussion with the group, all of whom we hope are safe and secure.

We hope that, in the wake of the tragic events, the photos taken by the youth before and after the earthquake can play a constructive role in their community. We will be sharing their updates as they are available.