Will you commit to Dd for the new year?

In September Digital Democracy made a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to use technology to empower women and girls fighting gender-based violence in Haiti. This is part of our larger commitment to engage with our local partners using technology to solve urgent problems in their communities.


This year our dedicated team harnessed digital maps, mobile phones, blogs, cameras, and open-source software to train over 400 people in the use of these tools to address local challenges including:

We accomplished all of this on volunteer salaries, strategic grants and your generous support. Next, we’re forming a Board of Directors & fortifying our core tools, methods, curriculum & partnerships.

Will you make a financial commitment to our work in the coming year? Any donations you make by midnight tomorrow will be tax-deductible for 2010. You can donate today via our fiscal sponsor IMTD online, set up a monthly payment or send a check made to IMTD to our address below. For all who have already given, thank you for getting #stuckondd!

Thank you for any support you can give as we take on our most exciting year yet.