Remote Access

Tools for Hard-to-Reach Communities

Oil contamination, illegal land grabs, forced labor. Remote communities in environmentally sensitive locations face these and other pressing threats to their land rights, natural resources and way of life. Often “off the grid,” these communities are unable to ensure equal footing in negotiations about their lives and land. Dd is partnering with indigenous communities in the Amazon basin to support their efforts to map & monitor their territories.

collecting a water sample

By adapting open-source tools to work offline and in extreme environments, Dd is building tools that allow communities to document environmental degradation and government threats, map their use of the land, and engage with a global audience using mobile technology.

Impact: Through our support, Digital Democracy’s local partners are mapping and monitoring millions of acres of land in the Amazon, holding oil companies and governments accountable, working to prevent new oil concessions, and working to secure their land rights so that their environment can be protected for future generations.

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