Emilie Reiser

Emilie Reiser

Emilie Reiser is a technologist, researcher, tinkerer and mom, dedicated to exploring innovative uses of technology to promote learning, social organizing, and more resilient communities.

Emilie has returned to Digital Democracy to lead work with partners in Brazil, following time at MIT Media Lab’s Center for Civic Media, the United Nations Refugee Agency and Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team.

As Haiti Program Director for Digital Democracy from 2010-2013, she worked with women’s groups in Port-au-Prince to develop technology solutions to address gender-based violence, including the launch of the first rape response hotline in the country. Prior to working in Haiti, Emilie served as Director of Programs for Vision Education & Media, leading the development and implementation of curriculum to support the integration of creative technologies into New York City public school classrooms.

Emilie speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Haitian Creole and has collaborated on tech and media programs in the US, Haiti, Sierra Leone and Brazil.

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