Technology Preview: Participatory mapping in the Amazon with Mapeo

Mapeo is an easy-to-use offline mapping app built for our work with indigenous communities in the Amazon and around the world, who asked us for an easier way to create and edit their own maps.

OpenStreetMap Without Servers [Part 1]

We’ve built mapping tools based on OpenStreetMap that work offline and without any server, which indigenous communities in the Amazon are using to create territory maps to defend their ancestral rainforest home from oil drilling, mining and logging.

[VIDEO] Our Work in Ecuador

I’m in Ecuador right now, I’ve just finished drone training with a group of community environmental monitors from a region of the Ecuadorian Amazon heavily affected by oil drilling over the past 4 decades. Today I am flying to the Waorani communities of Nemopare and Kiwaro to kick of a territory mapping project, helping the villages communicate their vision of their territory and their forest to the outside world through maps participatory video. Watch the video to learn more about our work in Ecuador.

Join Dd's Mesh Network

We’re launching the Mesh Network, which is our community of allies and supporters who help make our work possible, and who we believe will help ensure our work, projects and area of focus are robust and effective for many years to come.

We Built A Drone

Can drones be a tool for positive change in the hands of indigenous communities? Can communities use them to create maps and monitor illegal logging and deforestation? To answer these questions I travelled to Guyana in October and together with the local Wapichana monitoring team we built a drone and made a map. Watch the video to find out how we did.

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