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Digital Democracy supports communities who are working to defend their human and environmental rights, but who lack the tools to do so. Our local partners represent marginalized communities worldwide, including Indigenous Peoples and ethnic minorities, whose human rights are most severely impacted by environmental abuse. We train partners to use basic digital tools to gather, share, and manage information about environmental and human rights infractions.

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Over the past eight years, we’ve seen firsthand that change does not come from technology, but from how people use it. Working at the intersection of human rights and technology, Dd supports local leaders with the strategic use of tools to catalyze community-driven solutions. Our process is both technology and issue agnostic – that is, not bound to one platform or cause. We recognize that our partners’ issues are diverse, but many of the challenges they face are shared. Using a listening-based, human-centered design process, Dd helps to strengthen our partners’ access, communication, resources and reach.

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Digital Democracy is part of a greater ecosystem of people and groups working toward a more just and sustainable world. We accomplish our mission thanks to the generous support of donors and high-impact partnerships with communities and organizations who share our commitment to centering and amplifying marginalized communities working to defend their human and environmental rights.

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