572 Call Center in Haiti now open 24 hours

Biz Ghormley
June 17, 2012

In September of last year Dd launched the first emergency response hotline for rape and sexual violence in Haiti with our local partner KOFAVIV.  As of May 1, we are proud to announce the 572 Emergency Response Hotline is open 24 hours a day. No matter the time of day or night, survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) including rape, sexual violence and domestic violence in Haiti can call 572 to access critical support and services.

_Wiredcaptures the essence of the call center in a short video here.


With support from UNHCR, we worked with KOFAVIV to expand the technical team on the ground to include 6 dedicated call center operators and 2 call center supervisors. Call center staff provide basic education on women’s rights and legal recourse, and connect survivors to free medical, legal and psychosocial services. The impact of the call center on the lives of callers is hard to over-state.  As one operator explained, “the call center number gives women a lifeline and access to vital information that can help them find solutions to the problems they are facing.”

During the first week of May, Dd collaborated with a local call center specialist to provide 3 days of training to call center operators and supervisors on call handling, tele-counseling, referrals, documentation and confidentiality. The core call center staff will receive ongoing coaching and support throughout 2012 to continue to improve their process and ensure that 572 is as effective as possible.


Since its formal launch in September 2012, the call center has fielded over 1700 calls and the expansion to 24-hour service closes a critical gap, allowing women and girls to access resources and support during nighttime and weekend hours, when many cases of rape and GBV are happening.

The call center is part of Dd’s systemic approach to using technology to address rape, sexual violence and abuse in Haiti. The program includes comprehensive trainings and work focused on leveraging data, mobiles and media. Learn more here, view our slideshow overview of the program, and/or view photos of our work here.

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