Announcing a major grant from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

Mar Cartró Sabaté
December 17, 2021

Digital Democracy is thrilled to announce a $500,000 grant from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, supporting our work around the world and the next phase of the Earth Defenders Toolkit Initiative.  

The Earth Defenders Toolkit (EDT) is a collaborative space for earth defenders and their allies. The toolkit provides approaches to using technology that support local autonomy and ownership over tools and data, reduce reliance on outside support, and amplify Indigenous community efforts to protect their critical ecosystems. The platform first launched in June 2021, thanks to support from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

The Earth Defenders Toolkit is a multi-lingual, living platform that grows with participant contributions, evolving to adapt to current needs. Since the beginning, we co-created it in a collaborative process with frontline organizations and partner communities around the world. 

"The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation is playing a crucial role in supporting the work of earth defenders around the world who are seeking to use technology and data to protect critical ecosystems," saidEmily Jacobi, Founder and Executive Director of Digital Democracy. "Earlier this year, we launched the Earth Defenders Toolkit thanks to the Foundation's support. Now, we are thrilled to extend the work of the toolkit and expand access to new communities who are on the frontlines of local efforts to fight climate change."

Read more about the McGovern Foundation’s other climate action grants here. If you want to get involved with the Earth Defenders Toolkit, check out the many ways you can contribute to this platform. You can also join our Discord EDT channel or the EDT Forum

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