Join us for OpenGov Camp NYC on June 5

Mark Belinsky
May 26, 2011

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How can designers, hackers and business work with government to make it more innovative? To put their mouth where our money is? We're co-sponsoring OpenGov Camp NYC, an unconference to bring together the brightest minds to tackle the issues that we citizens face in our day to day lives.

We love unconferences. What better way to have a discussion than an open format. The sponsors provide the markers and whiteboard, you sketch out the agenda and we go from there.

Open government? What can democracy look like in the 21st century? Countries like Egypt and Tunisia have used tech in radical ways to help foster revolution. Let's tackle the day 1 issues as they transition into power, as well as planning how to make a more transparent, participatory and efficient government at home. The conversation is an open-to-all kickoff to the excellent agenda set for the the following days at Personal Democracy Forum 2011. It's the best conference for politics + tech and you should absolutely come if you haven't been.

On June 5, we're looking to leave with a set of solutions - the best new programs, manuals, films, curriculum and other tools to empower civic engagement. Let's build this resource together.

Register today for OpenGov Camp, or sign up to volunteer and help make the event possible!

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