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Gregor MacLennan
September 25, 2013

Welcome to our [new website](https://digital-democracy.org/, a complete rewrite and rethink of the code, structure and design of our original site. The new design aims to be clean and simple with a heavy emphasis on photographs, while looking good on mobile, tablet and desktop.

We have moved away from Wordpress to a CMS-free site built from static files with Jekyll on Github Pages. We add CloudFlare CDN on top of that, giving us a fast, responsive site that can handle large spikes in traffic at no cost.

Prose.io allows anyone on the team to easily edit the content in plain text and markdown.

We built the entire website from concept to launch, including importing the content from our old Wordpress site in just two weeks, leveraging Foundation 4 to rapidly create mockups and responsive designs.

The entire code from the website is open source available on Github. If you see an error in the code or design, why not help us out and send a pull request via Github, or correct our typos via Prose. You can even edit this blog post and send me corrections.

This is the foundation for a new, open, collaborative presence online and the first hint at much to come. A lot is missing from the site still, but we aim to launch early and iterate fast, gathering feedback as we go. Stay tuned for more details on the technologies behind the new site, and keep an eye out for our upcoming new donations platform that will fully integrate into the site.

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Gregor MacLennan
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