An elected Indigenous-led team that comanages the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve with leadership of ten Indigenous communities of Harakbut, Matsiguenka and Yine people, and the National Service of Protected Areas (SERNANP).


Partner Overview

The Executor of Administrative Contract for the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve (ECA Amarakaeri) is an Indigenous-led team that comanages the Reserve alongside the National Service of Protected Areas (SERNANP). ECA Amarakaeri coordinates a team of communal guards from the ten Harakbut, Yine and Matsigenka communities surrounding the reserve. Together with SERNANP’s park ranger, they use Mapeo to monitor and map the threats that the area is facing, such as illegal gold mining and logging.

Work with DD

Digital Democracy’s collaboration with ECA Amarakaeri began in 2018 with the project All Eyes on the Amazon. Dd has supported ECA Amarakaeri in transitioning from a paper-based system of data collection, which was hard to manage and keep organized, to a digital reporting system using Mapeo Mobile and Mapeo Desktop. The aim is that this system will enable ECA Amarakaeri to collect data useful both to the communities and to SERNANP, and have more control over what information is passed along, and what is retained for internal decision-making. 

Dd has co-created a customized base map and configuration with ECA Amarakaeri, and has support from Good Energies to continue this collaboration until February of 2023. 

Funding history: 2018-2020 Dutch Postcode Lottery through All Eyes on the Amazon Project; 2020 Amazon Forest Fund (AFF); 2020-2021 Good Energies Foundation. Dd is passing on some funding to ECA Amarakaeri from both AFF and Good Energies. 2021-2022 All Eyes on the Amazon Project - 2nd phase.

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