Open Development Mekong

a network of organizations co-managing an open knowledge platform to inform decision-making for sustainable and equitable development in the Mekong region.

Mekong Region

Partner Overview

OD Mekong is a network of organizations co-managing a common open data and open knowledge platform aggregating and sharing information, maps and data to illuminate development trends in the Mekong region at country and regional levels. They have a strong focus on data sovereignty and supporting marginalized peoples to access their digital rights. The platform and network are coordinated by East West Management Institute’s Open Development Initiative, which also produces the regional website. Country websites are managed by local partners.

Work with DD

OD Mekong is facilitating data literacy workshops across the region in the respective countries, and frequently provides training in the use of Mapeo as a tool for increasing data sovereignty and literacy (as per this example of usage of Mapeo for managing disaster risks for elderly in southern Thailand). OD Mekong frequently collaborates with Digital Democracy in providing translations of Mapeo to the local languages including Thai, Nepali, and Cambodian, and through tech troubleshooting.

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