Krusheska M. Quirós

Board Member
Krusheska M. Quirós

Krusheska M. Quirós is an Afro-Caribbean from Boriké (Puerto Rico) who has been working for decades within the intersection of technology, activism and the arts. She is the Operations Director of OpenMedia Engagement Network, a Canadian digital rights non-profit organization based on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish Coast Salish people also known as Vancouver, Canada.

Her focus has been on knowledge sharing as well as on the creation and management of projects that strive for community building, nourishment and archival. She has facilitated workshops and coordinated tracks around North America and the Caribbean in events such as the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, USA. The workshops have covered topics including meshed networks and telecommunications, cybersecurity, collective work, event planning, project management, audio editing, podcasting and the history of music as another tool in activism.

Krusheska created and co-produced Suena a Revolución, a project aimed at sharing and archiving the work of contemporary artists from Latin America and the Caribbean who use music as a tool within social movements. She further serves as advisor for organizations such as Parceleras AfroCaribeñas (PATBA), a Puertorican organization with the mission to “launch community, cultural, artistic, and ecological projects of social justice and anti-racism that promote and value neighbourhood creativity as a detonator of diverse opportunities.”

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