Ramesh Srinivasan

Board Member
Ramesh Srinivasan

Ramesh Srinivasan speaks about the intersection of technology, innovation, politics, business, and society. His mission is to help repair the disconnect between designers and users, producers and consumers, and tech elites and the rest of us: toward a more democratic internet.

He has been a faculty member at UCLA since 2005 in the Information Studies and Design|Media Arts departments. He is the founder of the UC-wide Digital Cultures Lab which offers a unique, people-focused analysis of new technologies working across every continent and dozens of countries across the world. He holds degrees from Stanford (B.Sc in Engineering), the MIT Media Laboratory (MSc), and Harvard (PhD). Ramesh is the author of three books: ‘Beyond the Valley’, “Whose Global Village? Rethinking How Technology Impacts Our World” and “After the Internet” with Adam Fish.

Ramesh is on the board of directors for Digital Democracy. He also advises One Project, New Public, numerous members of the US congress (House and Senate) as well as global leaders.

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