Ximena Becerra

Ximena Becerra

Ximena Becerra, Product Manager, joins the Digital Democracy team with a passionate engagement to merge innovative cutting edge technology with social and environmental issues. With a background in fine arts and tech in the live-events space, Ximena believes empathy, communication and human connections are at the forefront of product building.  Originally from Chile, Valparaiso, Ximena lives in Montreal with her cat James.

Here’s what folx have to say about Ximena :

“Ximena taught me how to apply Product Management/Agile techniques to my relationship and we’ve never been better. Thanks Ximena!” - Alex

“I’ve mispronounced her name way too many times and she was not impressed. As long as you take the time to say her name properly, you’re good!” - Anonymous

“Ximena! 10/10. Would recommend.” - Marilee

“One time, she fed me late and it was the end of the world. She’s ok. ” - James

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